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How to be Naturally Confident

Once we realize who we truly are we become confident. When we realize that we are much greater than transient thoughts and emotions our power emerges. Our thoughts change depending on how much sleep we have had, what food we have eaten and how much stress is in our environment. If we mistakenly identify only with the realm of thoughts, which are forever changing, we are constantly thrown up and down

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There is Light in Loss

This week I received an unexpected message from a family member saying ‘little BoyCat crossed the rainbow bridge today’. He was ‘little’ in height, but not in width; so cute and fat he looked like a furry potato! His funeral is scheduled tomorrow at sunset and will involve us planting this potato. This potato will sprout new life and every time we water it, it will remind us of the joy in transformation.

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Strive for Nothing; Achieve Everything

In the past I woke up with a strong urge to improve my life. It felt like I was leaning forward expecting the next moment to contain something that this moment was lacking in. Sometimes the leaning forward was subtle, other times it was stronger. This leaning forward was uncomfortable and only stopped when I realized that I could spend my entire life chasing carrots in front of me. In a moment of silence I asked

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