Therapist, Mentor and Meditation Teacher

Aruna Shields (CHP,MBCT)

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What I help with

*Stress *Depression *Anxiety *Insomnia *Self Actualization *Coping with Fame *Mindfulness *Loss *Existential Crisis *Spirituality *Confidence *Conflict Resolution *Addiction *Life Transitions *Habits *Identity Crisis *Fears and Phobias *Relationships *Anger Management *Life Coaching *PTSD  *Sexual Trauma *OCD *Pain Management

 Lifetime member of the RSM (Royal Society of Medicine). Meetings in London with Aruna can be arranged here.

Lifetime member of the RSM (Royal Society of Medicine). Meetings in London with Aruna can be arranged here.


LA Office

Whiting Woods, CA 91208


LA Office

Venice Beach CA 90291

Private Sessions

I see clients virtually, in my LA offices and also visit companies. Sessions are unique and enjoyable. We will pause and navigate your inner world peacefully. After listening to you I will tailor sessions to suit your specific needs. I deeply care and am dedicated to helping you overcome any challenges. My eclectic modes of therapy are all scientifically researched and studied. I offer unique solutions, teach you tools to self-manage emotions, and provide expert guidance. After sessions you will be more energized, confident, happy and able to make intuitive decisions.


What's your background and qualifications?

I studied Psychotherapy and Hypnosis at Master's level in England and am certified in Mindfulness techniques developed at Oxford University. During the week I work in Malibu rehabs helping people recover from addiction and guide classes at LA meditation studios. British with Indian heritage I've experienced working in the East and the West. Earlier on my life journey, I achieved critical acclaim as a lead actress in Bollywood and Europe becoming the most Googled name in India (2010). A Descendant of Sage Mandavya I come from an ancient lineage of teachers who pass down meditation and timeless knowledge. Now I'm dedicated to helping people transform so they may live blissful lives. If you're looking for someone creative who can delve deep, we could be a good fit.


 Online Meditations

My unique meditations are on my video page. They are highly effective at dissolving stress, elegantly designed, and effortless. I also blog about meditation and wellness.

Trailer for meditation pack ‘Nature Speaks’.

Corporate Packages

I'm an expert at teaching organizations how to reduce stress and conflict while increasing productivity and happiness.  I offer various sessions and provide online tools. Contact me for my corporate packages.

Education (UK)

Masters level: Psychotherapy & Hypnosis
Dip: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
BA(hons): Central Saint Martins, London
Distinction: Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Academic Scholarship: Durham Boarding School


Profile on Psychology Today, USA

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