My guided meditations are lovingly designed to be an integral part of your conscious expansion. 

* Be embraced by the joy of nature

* Change in beautiful and profound ways

* Enjoy meditating daily

I create effortless, simple meditations which require no concentration. Guiding people requires delicacy, deep understanding and skill. It's also essential the teacher has their own daily practice. When you are guided correctly the process is enjoyable and you drop into deep states of calm. You also look forward to meditating daily :)

Due to popular demand there are 14 meditation videos for you to stream or download

  • Suitable for beginners and advanced meditators
  • 20-30 mins, available with and without music
  • You may buy the meditation videos individually for just $20 
  • They are also available as a super value Master Series with 14 videos ($140)
  • Or Volume 1 and Volume 2 which each contain 7 videos ($70 per volume)...

'Master Series' contains 14 meditations, ($140)  

'Volume 1' contains 7 meditations ($70)

'Volume 2'  contains 7 meditations ($70)

Having sampled various mediation techniques, I’ve found this series to be interesting and beautifully developed. Aruna’s voice is rich, gentle and thoughtful and her guidance is directional without being repetitive. Each meditation is a well crafted and enjoyable. I feel transported somewhere else and truly lose my sense of place. I’ve never failed to feel better after experiencing one of her meditations. I strongly recommend this series.
— J.C.T. (Senior Vice President- Bank for America)

If you would prefer non-guided meditation I recommend Transcendental Meditation (TM) which you can do on your own after learning a simple technique. You learn over 4 days in person from a qualified TM teacher. To find your local TM teacher visit