Talent Manager

It’s amazing how your life changes when you no longer hate the people you work with. I didn’t realize how much energy I had wasted judging and blaming others. I often used to get caught up trying to help others when what I really needed was to help myself first. Aruna taught me how to see the best in others and in myself, how to really listen and how to stay compassionate without getting drained. I now no longer feel like quitting every morning and have even noticed myself singing in the shower!

War Veteran

If it was not for Aruna I doubt I would be here today. I hated myself and thought I did not deserve to be alive. I often hear her voice saying ‘thoughts are not facts’ and other things she taught me. Sometimes I get upset or angry and just want to do something stupid, but then I hear her voice! (laughs). She provided me with knowledge and tools that allow me to continue living. One time after leaving her office I remember feeling something….I can’t find the words...but I felt it for the first time...I heard the birds, and I saw the wind move through the leaves, and I felt IT. I have this deep knowing that I’m on the right path now.


Aruna taught me mental Kung-Fu... I’m now unf!$#@able with. I knew how important it was to take care of my wellbeing so I had the energy and clarity to bring my visions into the world. I didn’t want to be just another entrepreneur with 3 phones rushing around, burnt out and with no life. I now think big but I also think smart. 

Writer and Yogi

Aruna could read a shopping list and I would bliss out. Her voice is so relaxing and has this magical power. I tried multiple courses, classes and apps to try and chill out but it wasn’t until I stumbled on her class that I went really deep. Other people had the same experience and she’s talked about in the yoga scene. One day we were chatting after class and suggested TM if I wanted to go ‘even deeper’…whoa…and that was incredible and transformed my life. I feel so lucky to have met her.

A- list Actor 

When you discover who you truly are, that is more powerful than fame. It’s also the best drug and has no side-effects. I look at my previous self, only a year ago, and it seems like a bad dream: my personal life was out of control and was affecting my ability to focus on set; my partner was about to leave me and I was drinking A LOT; the director noticed how my confidence had dropped and how I was dumbing down my performance with my co-star; sometimes I just froze and couldn’t remember my lines; the pressure of being a big name and messing up was crushing me; I became super sensitive to everything...I didn’t want to take pictures with fans cause I felt I old and was self-conscious with high-def; I also spent way too long reading my press and Googling myself which only led to pretty severe anxiety. It’s exhausting remembering it and I’m so relieved that’s all over.


What she provides is what the world really needs. We can't change the world if we don't change our individual selves. Our sessions allowed me to take personal responsibility and gave me the courage to become a better person. In doing so my life has improved on so many levels. I also feel like people are working with me not against me now.


She helped us celebrate our differences so they actually became our strengths. Even though one of us is a grinder, works towards specific goals and likes to get things done fast while the other is more considered, conscientious and takes more time, we still work. We also are in sync in meetings and no longer interrupt one another or raise our voices to get heard. She helped us find common ground. We stay focused on what was truly important and have the tools to ground ourselves when there are wobbles.