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Happiness is Inside not Outside

Acting in the relative world can be exhilarating; there are endless new ways we can entertain ourselves in the 20th Century – everything from going into space, goat yoga, virtual reality gaming, naked bungee jumping, etc. We are lucky to live at a time where the world has so much to offer. Soon there will be self-driving cars – however at the moment it’s crazy – we’re driving hunks of metal at 80 miles-per-hour as we hurtle around

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What is Transcendence?

Most of us are familiar with three states of consciousness – waking consciousness, deep sleep and dreaming. There is, however, a fourth state called ‘transcendental consciousness’. In Sanskrit this state is known as ‘turiya’ (the fourth), and the word ‘samadhi’ (settling of the mind) may be familiar to some of us; ‘sama’ means evenness and ‘dhi’ means the intellect; it is a state of total equilibrium and union with the universe.

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