Lake Meditation for Stillness

Lake Meditation

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This 25 minute lake meditation video is created to gently guide us into deep stillness. It's lovingly designed to be an integral part of our conscious expansion. It is effortless and requires no concentration. We use breath awareness, body scanning, a lake visualization, then end in silence. We allow thoughts to arise and disappear...gently returning to my voice when it’s effortless to do so.

The lake represents a stillness that is always available to us when we drop inwards. There may be ripples on the surface (our passing thoughts), however at the bottom of the lake (the silent depths of our being) there is always stillness. The more we practice this meditation the more inner calm we can experience.

It's wonderful shooting at sunrise during the golden hour. This meditation video was captured at 5.30am when the first rays of the sun warm the surface of the water creating a magical mist. The morning stillness inspires us to return back to our natural state of calm. Gazing at the calm image sets the scene before we close our eyes and drop into stillness.

Guiding meditations is a delicate process. In order to transmit stillness I have a deep and powerful daily meditation practice (morning, afternoon and evening). Each place captured on camera I enjoyed meditating in and has a special place in my heart.

All my videos are suitable for beginners and advanced meditators and available with or without music. You can buy The Lake meditation individually for $20 or as part of a Master Series of 14 videos ($140). Here is a trailer...

These meditations are tailored to transform us in profound and beautiful ways. Daily use re-wires the brain so we can become more resilient to stress and more blissful. When we are guided correctly, endorphins are released (serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin) making us feel great!

If you would prefer non-guided meditation I recommend learning Transcendental Meditation

By Aruna Shields (CHP, CMT)

Meditation Teacher, Therapist and Former Bollywood Star/Actress