How to Meditate Effortlessly

Often people say, ‘I can't meditate' or ‘I can’t sit still' or ‘my mind doesn’t stop thinking’. These comments arise because people have not been taught correctly, or have a misconception about how to meditate. Many people believe they are meditating however they are not. They stay on a surface level concentrating, resisting thoughts, or maybe getting a rest. When people eventually have a direct experience of meditating effortlessly they get a shock!  When they finally taste transcendence it's a new experience for them. They enter a fourth state of consciousness - different from waking, dreaming or sleeping. When we enter this fourth state it feels blissful, like we are finally returning home. The mind when it experiences this bliss will want to re-visit it, over and over again - just like a bee returns to a fragrant flower. This state is nectar for the soul. So where is the bliss? How do we enter this fourth state?

1)  Practice Transcendental Meditation

Teaching meditation is a subtle and delicate skill. If we tried meditation and found it difficult then we haven’t been taught properly or may be practicing a concentration technique. Meditation when correctly practiced is effortless.  I highly recommend TM because of the scientific research and because it's so easy and effective; the teachers are highly trained and understand what is going on at a very deep level. Always learn from an authorized TM teacher and you will only find them at this website